Thing 1: Blogging

Hello!  My name is Betsy Carney!  I work at school #54 for Rochester City School district.  I am taking this program because my librarian at school told me how amazing this course is!  I hope to implement what I learn into my class of third graders!  We were told we are going to be receiving chrome books soon!  So hopefully after this course I can do a lot of fun activities with them!

Through reading the different blogs for this lesson I have learned quite a bit!  I know for my kiddos that it is extremely difficult to get them to write.  A lot of them have a hard time generating ideas of what to write and being creative within their writing.  I learned that if they have a blog they can own what they write.  They will be invested in their work; which in turn makes them want to learn and write!  That is clearly the goal for us a teachers; to make learning fun!  I enjoyed the video of Andrea Hernandez talking about how its a school initiative and that all the kiddos are doing it to document their learning!  It is a great online portfolio that will travel with them as they move up in grades!  It will show progress and growth!  I think this is an awesome idea!  I would love to try to implement this at my school.  I also appreciate that some of the blogs can be private if the parents chose.  That gives the parents privacy if they choose.

I excited to learn more about this!

One thought on “Thing 1: Blogging”

  1. Welcome. Love how your excitement comes through in your post. As you point out, that’s what can “hook” the kids too. Owning their own place to write, reflect and be creative. Great first post!


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