Databases and Search Tools

Databases and search tools probably helped me as a researcher more than anything. There are a lot of times that I am trying to do my own research or teach my students how to and I am at a loss for two reasons.  One I do not know where to even start and two who knows what I am finding on the websites are accurate or not.


On I read an article google for teachers 100+ tips. That article along with this website helped me understand actually how to research.  They give tips and tricks on how to get the most accurate information, just with what you type in the search bar.  Another reason I really liked the article was because it also helped explain google docs.  These tricks, tips and articles will make my lesson planning so much easier.  Crazy this whole professional development is giving me tools to make lesson planning and teaching easier and more engaging!  I wish I knew about this sooner!!


Two other tools I liked are the kid websites. They allow little kiddos to do research and I won’t have to worry about what else is popping up on google!!!

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