I picked tellagami for this project and boy did my students really get into it! I let them design the character and they had so much fun!  I picked one student to do a book talk about a book she read.  She read the whole series, which contains 4 books in about 6 school days!  She really loved them!  So I had her talk about one of the books.  If you listen to it she does make a mistake and say Wendy instead of the book character because we also have been reading Peter Pan for ELA.  She recovered nicely and she started laughing when she got done!  I would definitely use this app in the future for book recommendations.  I think if I could get an Ipad for the classroom it would be a great tool to have on it!  The kids could make book recommendations for their peers and we could have an entire folder of that for the class to share!


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