Audio Tools

I have tried a number of the Audio Tools and it would not play back from my computer.  I am not sure if this is a glitch with my school laptop or what, however, I was hopeful for this tool because I believe that it could be very beneficial.  Whenever I tried recording, nothing played back.  This occurred on many different websites.  I unfortunately do not have a separate laptop to try this on.

I can see myself using these audio tools however, for projects as well as differentiation for my students.  I have some kiddos that just can’t write their thoughts on paper in an organized manner.  However, they can tell me everything and go into details about their reasoning too.  Some kiddos just need another way to express themselves and I believe that these tools could provide that if I had the appropriate technology!


Many of my current third graders are very imaginative and love to tell stories.  I could see this being used as a story telling project for a unit.  For example we explored frogs and looked at the book Tuesday after reading about Frogs.  Tuesday is a picture book, where you make up the story.  I think they at this would be an awesome idea for a end of the unit project.  They could create a podcast to go along with the book and then present it to their peers or parents!

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