HOUR OF CODE???  WHAT???? Why have I never heard of this before???  This is brilliant and FUN!!!  It is game like and kids will be thinking and working together to solve problems and they won’t even realize the value of it at first!   BRILLIANT!!!  I love it!  I went on to the website as my girls were watching Frozen last night and decided to play the Moana game.  One because I was unsure how hard this would actually be and two, well let’s be honest, Moana is an AWESEOME movie with an even better message!!  As I was playing Ella, who is five caught onto the game and was eventually helping me with my moves!  She could read some of the words, but because of the patterning and her logical sequential brain, she was able to help her mommy out!

I knew that for this lesson to be valuable I had to explore the non computer coding options.  One, the technology available in my classroom is sad.  I have 4 desktops that hardly work and 17 kids.  So for me I needed to explore the other options for now!  There are so many ideas to get my kids thinking and creating.  The one I like for the near future is the graph paper programming.  I think this would be a good introductory one because of how it is laid out.  We have discussed lately procedural writing and being specific and I believe that this will be perfect for their first  one!  In fact I think I am going to try it out this week!!

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