Final Reflections

Cool Tools….probably the most beneficial professional development that I have participated in in the 11 years that I have been teaching. Unfortunately for the majority of what I have learned I learned it this weekend because I kept putting off the assignments.  Life happens and being a single mom of two little girls doesn’t make getting computer work done very easy.  With that being said I am KICKING myself for not exploring these sooner!  I have learned so much over the past week of exploring these different assignments and really digging into the websites and articles that go along with them.  As for making professional connection I feel that I have really gotten to know my librarian a lot better and we have become friends.  She is the one who introduced me to this professional development and I have picked her brain about some things.  The only project that didn’t work well was the audio.  I have no idea why I couldn’t record ANYTHING.  I could have used my phone but I really wanted to use the laptop that I have for my classroom so I could utilize the lessons and ideas for my classroom.  However, just because it didn’t work well doesn’t mean that I didn’t learn anything from it.  I took away a lot!

What’s next? Well I have book marked SOOOOOOO many websites from these projects. I am hoping to loop with my kids next year and that means a whole new curriculum!  However, I plan on using ALL of the tools I have learned and explored within my lessons to make them engaging and student centered.  I have already shared some of my ideas about social media that I had written about to my colleagues.  They too love the idea!!

I hands down would do this professional development again. However, I would start my learning sooner so I can utilize what I learned within my classroom.  I also think it would be fun if we could be partnered with someone from another school or district to not only expand our PLN but also bounce ideas off of and plan with!  Maybe someone from the same grade level!

One thought on “Final Reflections”

  1. Well done!!! I’m impressed with your work, suprised to hear you were able to do it all (and do it so well!) in such a short time. Keep up the enthusiasm. 🙂 But now, go relax for 10 minutes. (or more!)


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