Bitmoji Fun

HOW FUN!   I always wondered how my friends had little images of themselves when they would send a text or even on Snapchat….now I know!  It was fun creating the Bigmoji and I absolutely love this one!  The theme in my classroom the past two years has been super hero!  This fits perfectly.  I wonder though if there is a way to make your own.  For example.  I know you can make your own avatar….but is there a way I could have just had me with the cape on the building without the worlds YOU’RE WELCOME under  it?

As I as browsing the different links for Bitmoji I LOVED LOVED LOVED the idea of creating your own stickers.  My students love stickers on their papers and it would be a fun way to provide feedback.  I also think it would be fun to provide those same characters within smart-book lessons or even morning messages.  I can’t wait to see the reactions my kids have to my avatar.  I wonder if there is a way to have their input in designing it.  I tried editing it…but couldn’t figure out how to.


One thought on “Bitmoji Fun”

  1. The only way to edit a bitmoji is to take it into a graphics editing/drawing tool and crop out what you don’t want to see. You could paste your super hero bitmoji into Google Drawings or Photoshop Express and play around with the editing options there.


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