Digital Portfolios

I have always thought a traveling portfolio is the way to go to show student growth.  It shows more progress than any kind of test.  I also believe that the students should be the ones who pick what goes in there.  If they are proud of their work than it will show.  As I was exploring some of the resources I noticed that for some of the sites there was a minimum age requirement.  This is unfortunate because I teach fourth graders and they wouldn’t have been old enough for some of the sites.  The minimum was 13 so any grade at my school would not have worked.  The one site that I did love was Seesaw.  It allows for students to create their own portfolio and it can travel with them from kindergarten until grade 12….but only if you buy the subscription unfortunately.  I would love to take this to my school based planning team in order to see if it would be feasible for the school to buy.  I think implementing it in kindergarten all the way to sixth grade would be beneficial for everyone involved.

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