Thing 6: Digital Storytelling

I chose to explore PowToons for my digital storytelling piece.  That was a lot of fun!  I could be on there for hours putting together a slide show.  For that I worry that it might be too overwhelming for my fourth graders.  Maybe if I narrow it down to just a couple of templates they might do better.  I will have to let them play around with it!  I think it would be a great tool for kids to use to create presentations!  The animation pieces to the Powtoons makes it fun and engaging…..almost video game like!  I think the first time I introduce it to my class I will have them work in pairs.  I will pair a higher kid with a lower kid so the level of frustration will not be there for my lowest kiddos.  I will allow them to create just an introduction about themselves.  Then maybe when we get good at it I will have them create one of their writing pieces on it!

That is my powtwoon that I made via a template.  Which I really think would be the best route for my students when they are first learning it.



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