Thing 13: Augmented and Virtual Reality

The whole premise of bringing Virtual Reality into the classroom is a great idea.  I think of my students and the lack of experiences they get on a day to day, year to year basis.  I teach in the inner city and most of my students are unable to experience what else is outside of the city.  I think of my childhood and all the trips I went on, the camps I was signed up for, the sports opportunities that my parents were able to afford.  It is sad to me sometimes that my students are not able to pay for a field trip to experience the world.  The idea of bringing the world to them is great!  I explored the articles and also tried to download the expeditions app but for some reason my school computer wouldn’t let me.  I don’t know if it is because of the firewalls that are up or what.  So sadly I couldn’t explore it.  I did do a little research on the google cardboard glasses; they actually aren’t that expensive.  Maybe the school budget would be able to pay for a few of them.  Also the website that gave The 10 Best AR Apps for Classrooms gave a great list that are all free.  I think those will be key with my kiddos.

One thought on “Thing 13: Augmented and Virtual Reality”

  1. Do pursue the Google Expeditions tool. With any luck your tech folks can get that working. It is such a wonderful adventure. I totally agree with you, it’s so important to open up the world to our students. and get them on the road to curiosity, empathy, understanding of other people and cultures.


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