Thing 5: Audio Tools

Wow this will be fun!  I had my two girls get in on FlipGrid with me.  I figured if they could do it my students would be able to do it!  The girls loved doing it and also loved decorating their selfies with stickers.  I think this will be a great tool for my kiddos at school.  Many of them are very low performing, especially in writing.  They are able to vocalize their responses better than they can write it.  This would allow them the avenue to respond verbally to a prompt or a question.  Also another great thing about FlipGrid is that you can redo it!  So if they make a mistake, its not a big deal, they can just redo it!

Once downside was that I couldn’t figure out how to make a video myself.  For example I googled how to create a video and it gave me instructions on how to have the kids do it, but within that video it had a teacher’s video with the prompt too.  I couldn’t figure out that part.  I need to do a little more research I think.  But I am definitely going to try this with my class!


I also explored Synth, because I love listening to Podcasts.  However, I didn’t love this for the population of students that I have.  I didn’t like how it wasn’t secure and that anyone could view their posts.  So for that reason I did not explore it more.



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