Thing 14: Bitmoji

I did this thing a few years ago when I first did Cool Tools.  However, I could never figure out how to change my outfit or hair or anything!  I created it and never could update it!  So I spent some more time exploring and had so much fun customizing it even more to show myself.  I created a comic strip this time for an introduction to myself.  I think I am going to have my students do this as a project.  I’m sure the majority know about Bitmoji’s because of SnapChat.  It would be fun for them to incorporate it into google classroom.  I think even if they created a comic strip to start out would be great!  It’s a way to team build and every classroom needs a refresher of how to get along as a team.  I’m going to assign it through google classroom this week, since we just got back from Christmas break.  Below is the google presentation that I did.

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