Thing 15: Breakout EDU

I have personally been to the Escape Room in Rochester twice.  IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!!  I thought exploring Breakout EDU would be an awesome experience for my classroom.  While it does have great ideas and tools, the downside is that it costs money and unfortunately even for the free games you still need to kit in order to go through it.  I spent a few hours exploring the website and couldn’t figure out how to actually create a game.  I tried both online and paper.  It appeared that you need the kit for the combinations.  So instead I set off to google to explore similar ideas.  I found the Escape Classroom offered single purchases for a cheaper option.  I also found a Free escape classroom that I used with my kiddos.  IT was Escape Camp Emoji!  The kids had so much fun and kept them engaged for over an hour!!  I paired the groups with mixed ability and instructed that everyone needed a voice and were expected to contribute and come up with the answer.  They loved it!  This type of escape room uses printed materials, there isn’t an option to go digital.  For some this might be a downfall because some teachers have flipped their classrooms and are all digital now.  However, for me it is perfect.  My kiddos are just learning the chrome books that we have and having it all printed is the best option for me and my students.

One thought on “Thing 15: Breakout EDU”

  1. Sounds like you found a great option for your class. Do you have the web address for the Escape Camp, I’d love to look at it. All I’m coming up with are things from Pinterest and things for purchase. Thanks!


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