Final Reflections

This is my third year taking this PD and every time I learn something new in order to incorporate it into my classroom.  There is so much to explore within each thing that it is impossible to cover it all when exploring it for that time.  I have done the same topic three different times and each time I have learned something more!  I love this PD and have recommended it to several colleagues.  My biggest takeaway this year is that I need to start incorporating note taking for my students through the use of interactive notebooks.  I am also going to use flip grid as a tool for students to pose questions and respond to questions in a forum that they all can be involved in.  I really hope that this PD is offered every year!

One thought on “Final Reflections”

  1. I’m so glad you’ve found the workshop valuable. And glad you were able to really dig into some of the topics several times. I like to see that! As you said, each lesson has so much content in it. RCSD is talking about continuing the workshop in some form next year. I’m retiring at the end of this school year.


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